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Copperbelt Pioneers sponsor awards and other activities in schools
by Anna Ebsary


Music award winners at Indian River Academy in Springdale. Awards were sponsored by Copperbelt Pioneers.

Copperbelt Pioneers were busy in June supporting schools in their local area. At the end of 2012 school year in the town of Springdale, Copperbelt Pioneers sponsored all six awards for Indian River Academy Junior High music award winners. Ed MacDonald (Bell Aliant employee representing Copperbelt Club) presented the awards.

Also, Copperbelt Club President, Don Baker, presented 4 life jackets and 4 bike helmets to St. Peter's Academy in Westport, at their closing assembly at the end of the school year. The theme of the assembly was summer safety. It was well attended by students, teachers, and relatives and the kids were very excited to receive their prizes. One of the primary students who won a life jacket immediately put it on and wore it for the group photo.

Thanks Copperbelt Pioneers for your continued support for kids in your area!

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